Thea Yabut



Utilizing a personal lexicon of marks and forms, Thea Yabut demonstrates the process of navigating and understanding the complexity of her intersectional identity with drawing. Her labour-intensive linework is evident of the time and energy spent meditating on these internal questions, particularly methods to describe accurately the ambiguous space where race and gender converge. The results are nonrepresentational images, rather than depictions of her body; her work possesses a process-based knowledge of identity.

Her drawings may be perceived as interior diagrams, maps, codes, or a visual vocabulary. The work is directed by a sensitive and continuous dialogue Yabut holds with her materials as she makes compositional decisions intuitively on the paper. Visual references range from forms and patterns found in nature, to architecture, to textile processes such as weaving and sewing. Although she chooses standard drafting materials to make her work (pencil crayon, graphite, templates, and custom tools), she fully pushes their limitations.

About the artist:
Thea Yabut is a drawing-based artist who lives and works in Montréal, Quebec. Her recent exhibitions include Lexicon Forming at Open Sesame (Kitchener-Waterloo, ON); Striations Over the Lattice Site at Line Gallery (North Bay, ON) and Lines of Necessity at McIntosh Gallery (London, ON). Forthcoming exhibitions include MIRROR DRAWING in collaboration with Anthea Black at La Centrale (Montréal, QC). Yabut received an MFA from Western University (2013) and a BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design (2007).


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